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April 2012 in review….

So I guess this is my first real blog after graduating from photog school (Vancouver Arts - Vanarts…. :) WOW - and with Honors as an extra bonus! Now that was a lot of work….. HUGE special thanx go out to all my instructors and mentors from the past year:

Ian McGuffie - Head of Digital Photography

Christa LeCraw - Program Director, Digital Photography

Jeff Bell - Studio Manager / Principal Teaching Assistant

Adam Blasberg- Instructor

Christopher Morris - Instructor -

David Ellingsen - Instructor -

Kaj R. Svensson - Instructor -

Mary L.G. Jensen - Instructor -

Ross den Otter & Sarolta Dobi of Pink Monkey Studios -

Scott Hastings - Instructor -

Vairdy Andrew - Instructor -

Ian Hylands - Instructor -

Marc Koegel - Instructor -

Patrick Koslo - Instructor

Tracey Kusiewicz- Instructor -

and Aura Mckay (who is no longer with Vanarts) -

My first real and most exciting photography challenge will be to travel to Toronto for the Scotiabank CONTACT portfolio review:

I’ll be flying to Toronto at the beginning of May to participate in four different image reviews from various top photographers, curators and art buyers who are from around the world - how exciting is this - and a little nerve racking to say the least. I’m pretty stoked about the expanding horizons of my new photography world. In preparation for this review I’ve had to write a new “artist statement”….. I’d greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback. Thanx to my great friends - Wendy Schaber (, Karen Mosca and Heidi Dunstan ( for their awesome initial critique…. here it is…

————— Artist Statement:

I seek balance and harmony through the creation of fine art images that are organic in nature; biological entities that perhaps some people might overlook or completely negate altogether. Nature is everything to me; it is my fundamental source of happiness and inspiration. My ultimate goal in creating images is to reflect the finer details of our highly delicate existence. My images mirror the true reality, beauty and adversities of the life cycle within our fragile environment.

My images are a response to me being a professional Social Worker for over 20 years, particularly from the last five years and working as a Medical Social Worker in the Emergency Department. It is from these raw human experiences that continually cultivate my inspiration, passion and drive (and perhaps a little obsession) to capture images that are beautiful, pure, authentic and organic. In turn, these images offer me the continued drive to support individuals and families who, in most cases than not, do not choose to come to the Trauma Centre. This is my life cycle…

————————————————————————— In addition to the portfolio review, I’ve also entered 32 fine art and commercial advertisement (architectural) images into the New York Photo Festival - which also happens in May…..

if you feel like reading more about the amazing jurors - check this out -

I have no idea whether I will meet anybody from this list, but it would be amazing….

I don’t believe I will be flying to New York for this, but I just might anyways…

Well that’s all for now…. more to come later…. cheers, Kevin.

a new beginning…..

very soon I will be a new graduate of the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts Photography program…. I’m looking forward to what this new beginning will offer me…. where my path will lead to…. awesome!

K dog out!